Can you keep a pet in an apartment which you own?


In principle, you can keep a pet in an apartment that you own. In the case of the animal causing excessive nuisance, other proprietors can take action against this nuisance.

The Rule. As the owner of an apartment (whether you use it as a primary or secondary residence), you can, in principle, keep animals that do not pose problems (dog, cat…). However, these animals should not create excessive nuisance for other residents. If your dog barks all day, or if you have numerous animals causing odours or other adverse effects on your neighbours, they do not have to accept it. The co-owners or the trustee can go to a justice of the peace and even request that the nuisance related to your animals is stopped.

The rules of co-ownership. The rules of co-ownership or a simple arrangement of internal rules which specify that it is forbidden to keep dogs, cats or other pets in an apartment where you are an owner: Before making a purchase, to allow you to make a more informed decision, find out how this issue can be resolved if you have a pet or would like to have one in the future. If you wish to avoid these discussions, it would be best to find another property to buy.

You have already purchased, then you can simply challenge the regulations. You could put forward a motion that the clause which states that you cannot keep pets no longer remains valid. You can argue that this clause goes too far in violation of your rights (such as your right to a private life). The likelihood that this argument will succeed is strong.

Jan Roodhooft, lawyer (

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