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13m² to live comfortably, according to Szymon Hanczar

He dared to do it! This Polish designer has totally redesigned his 13m² flat in Wroclaw (Poland). Functional, cosy and comfortable. Quite an achievement.

Repairs carried out on a rented house: who foots the bill?

As an owner, you are in charge of major maintenance, major repairs as well as necessary repairs, above and beyond those required due to the age and use of the property. You cannot make any other arrangements with your tenant.

Are you looking for a tenant? You can choose, but do not discriminate

In the capacity of landlord, you can choose from among the different prospective tenants who put themselves forward. But this must not be discriminatory. If you do discriminate, you risk criminal sanctions as well as other consequences.

Who inherits a house if one partner dies?

Cohabiting couples- contrary to married ones- do not, to a certain extent, have the same rights concerning inheritance: one could say no rights at all. However, there are several steps you can take so that the survivor, in case of the death of their partner, can keep a house they have bought together.